Reminder: Apple includes a tiny AirPlay toggle in iOS 11's Control Center for iPhone and i...



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    Eric_WVGG said:
    Don’t forget that you can also choose what you want to AirPlay to directly from the Music app.  The AirPlay icon is at the bottom of the “Now Playing” screen, centered beneath that Play/Pause button.
    Yes, but that icon isn't in Overcast, or video players, etc.
    But it still turns on AirPlay and lets you choose an option.  I don’t use Overcast but after selecting AirPlay via Music other audio is still sent to that device until I turn AirPlay off either in Control Center or Music.
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    Cynflor said:
    entropys said:
    lkrupp said:
    Eric_WVGG said:
    This is the number one thing that drives me nuts about iOS 11. I switch outputs 3+ times a day, as I go from home audio to airpods back home etc. No idea why they buried that away right when Airplay (in whatever its evolving form is) is becoming more ubiquitous than ever.
    There is much in iOS that I no longer attempt to use.  Airplay is one of them.  I'm sure that would change if I were an Apple engineer, but I'm not.

    Whatever happened to ease of use?
    And that’s to your detriment. The inability to adapt places you behind the curve. Instead of adapting to new or different ways you just complain and stop using features. Sad.
    Yes, clearly they are holding it wrong.

    Personally, I reckon this is another example of designers having too much power over engineers.  Apple used to be famous for having the balance at the intersection of design and engineering more right than any other competitor. This has become quite muddied in recent times.
    You're all hilarious, living in a ridiculous bubble.  The iPhone is a consumer product, and I'll bet you that 98% of consumers using it have zero idea how to use these functions, and I'd bet it was 99% until AI published this (being very generous to AI).  Apple's "designers" and "engineers" (shouldn't they be the same people?) are clearly just talking to themselves when creating a UX like this, in keeping with how little Apple seems to care about its consumer base actually utilizing the product anywhere close to its potential.  Everyone I know has an iPhone, but not one of them could even tell you what Airplay even does, much less how to find its settings.   
    Yeh, I tend to agree...  In an attempt to foster simplicity, Apple tends to eliminate instructions and instruction manuals -- and it is all made worse from the enforced spartanism of the small screen on an iPhone.

    I think it stems for the original inspiration for Jobs,  the Atari instruction manual:   "Avoid Klingons".  The idea of the Atari game was for the user to figure it out as they went -- which is simplicity through obscurity.

    In this particular example:   When I check this feature on my phone, it isn't there.   So, how is it that I would know about this, know what it does and how it works?
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    CGCG Posts: 4unconfirmed, member
    Well I feel a little stupid... I knew how to get to the “Airplay” screen but I didn’t realize what the boxes for my Apple TV and now HomePod were for exactly... I thought it was allowing me to “Airplay” different content from my iPhone... why on earth I would want to do that was beyond me.  Know I finally get it... it is only airplay if you select from the list within the iPhone. Selecting the other boxes allows me to remotely select material on that device. So if I select HomePod and then go back to the music app and select a playlist, the HomePod streams it directly from Apple as if I started it on that device!!! Kind of a relief because getting Siri to play certain songs on my HomePod has proven to be kind of difficult but I didn’t like the idea of having to airplay an entire album to my HomePod... also nice just to be able to turn down the HomePod without interrupting the music.
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