HP expanding enterprise 'DaaS' support program to Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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As part of an expansion of HP's "Device as a Service" program, the company is opening its support program to Apple devices in enterprise environments.

HP's "DaaS" program now includes "world-class support, managed services, and analytics" to companies using any one of a number of Apple products. As part of the program, HP will include options for businesses for two or three-year finance terms, and will allow 5 percent, 10 percent, or 15 percent "flex" of devices to match workforce needs.

Basic services include initial zero-touch device provisioning, inventory management, security configuration, device encryption settings, and application whitelisting or blacklisting.

The program also includes next-business day onsite exchange for iOS and Mac, with an option for next-day repair for the Mac if possible. Coverage can include accidental damage protection, as well as technical support for a company's IT staff through e-mail and phone.

At present, DaaS for Apple is only available in the U.S. The company has plans to expand to other countries and "select channel partners" over the next year.

Pricing varies, and is available through HP by request.


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    Am I the only one that thought HomePod when I saw HP in the title?
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    “Was ist DaaS?”
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    vadimyuryevvadimyuryev Posts: 146member, editor
    Microsoft and HP in one day? Who likes Monopoly?
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    dewmedewme Posts: 1,678member
    This "as a service" thing is really tired and worn out. At some level it's really just self obfuscating marketingspeak. Let's just collapse all of this into "BS as a Service (BSaaS)" and just be done with it already. And why not, BSaaS already has very widespread and constantly growing adoption. 
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    “Was ist DaaS?”
    Device as a Service - they lease you the devices & provide support/maintenance/repair.for the term of the lease (2 or 3 years, from the summary).
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