AirPlay 2 disappears from newest iOS 11.3 & tvOS 11.3 betas



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    Here's hoping somebody actually decided it's time for Apple to do it right... AirPlay is one of the more glitchy wireless audio/video protocols I've used. 
    How so specifically? I have several AP products and it never crossed my mind to think of it as a glitchy protocol. BT, sure, but not AP.
    thrang said:
    Airplay is very stable
    Audio dropouts, even with low SNR in the wireless spectrum. AirPlay devices can inexplicably disappear from the AirPlay menu on devices despite being connected to the network, or will take up to a minute to show up in the list of devices. Dropped connections during playback, etc... this has been pretty consistent over the last 7 years or so that I have been using AirPlay - though to be fair, it works often enough that I keep using it, albeit with a fair share of grumbling. Bluetooth has been more reliable for me.
    Is there something going on with people’s home networks that may be contributing to this ?  I have none of these issues. Going back to iOS 9 I had a lot of the problems described in this thread. Since iOS 10 airplay has worked very well all the time for me. Even being away from home.  I access my saved movies  at home on my external hd’s  via air video, and airplay to an older gen appletv from an iPad mini 2 running iOS 11 and it’s still solid. ( I watch movies this way at my brothers house across town) when I visit. 

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