Apple adds 22 more banks to list of institutions supporting Apple Pay



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    laytech said:
    And yet still Westpac, Commonweath and National Bank in Australia continue to lock out their customers from this service to protect profits, not in the interest of the customers but their shareholders. Let’s hope the current banking commission picks this up because it continues to be an utter disgrace. 

    if ApplePay wasn’t good for customers then why has it been so wholeheartedly embraced by other banking institutions globally.

    They are are quite literally bankers with a capital W!
    It's frustrating for sure. In the US they have plenty of banks on boards but not enough retailers and here we have almost all retailers supporting contactless payment (I had to take one of my kids to a specialist last week that didn't support contactless payment - it was the first time I haven't been able to use Apple Pay) but not enough banks here support it.

    Fortunately in Australia there is a simple fix for the problem - just swap banks. If you've got a home loan that you don't want to swap you can still set up an account with another Apple Pay supporting bank for your everyday purchases.  

    I swapped banks the day after ANZ announced Apple Pay support. My brother just left his bank a couple of months ago and told them when closing his account it was because they don't support Apple Pay.

    If you really want ApplePay there is only one change required in Australia. Swap banks. In the US you would have to plan every purchase you made and even then there may not be a retailer in your area that sells what you need and has ApplePay.
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