Sony guns for AirPods' all-wireless market with Siri-enabled Xperia Ear Duo



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    airnerd said:
    lkrupp said:
    Always the Apple killers. Oh, and AAPL is now at pre-correction highs. Go figure.
    CHA-CHING!  AAPL continues to be the closest thing to having a money press as there is.  
    Only about 15 cents below the all-time high as of this posting. Thanks to AAPL I’ll be retiring soon.

    UPDATE: Just blasted past the all-time high... the market activity today is probably tied to the new Fed chair comments which will will be made today.
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    thttht Posts: 5,550member
    gatorguy said:

    deminsd said:
    So I guess no one (including Apple) can make a decent looking pair of wireless earbuds.
    If you say so. Me, I think AirPods are more than decent-looking
    If you have a thin face and align them with your well-defined jaw line I agree they look just fine. At least as good as these IMO


     ...and no I don't think they'll impact the AirPod market much if at all. 

    Basically, if you are pretty, per human norms, things that you wear will look fine. Quite possibly no matter how ugly some wearable object is, a pretty person will still look pretty while wearing it. If you look like a dork, you’ll likely look like a dork no matter how beautiful an object you are wearing. There was that CNET picture of the guy wearing AirPods wherein CNET said AirPods look bad or make you look bad. But if you look like a dork, well, life indeed isn’t fair sometimes.

    I only included the picture because I was questioning how well these things will stay on if they are only secured by the earbuds or tips.

    And definitely agree that these headphones won’t have much impact on the market with an MSRP of $280. If the rumors of Apple coming out with updated AirPods and a pair of tin cans, the 2016 AirPods model could be sold for $130 or maybe even $100 in the Fall, less than half what Sony’s pair is being offered at. That’s a lot for the Sony brand.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,427member
    Everyone who sees a person wearing these is going to assume they are deaf or have hearing loss, and SPEAK UP to them. I'm very happy to see third-party hardware that can use Siri, but wow design (and price) fail there.
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