Apple's iPhone holds on to top spot in Taiwan in January even as sales shrink

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Apple held on to its leading position in Taiwan's smartphone market in January, even as the company saw both its sales volume and value shrink month-to-month.

Volume dropped from 30.6 percent to 27 percent, while value fell from 64.1 percent to 60.2, local publication DigiTimes said. Samsung, ASUS, Oppo, HTC, and Sony followed behind in marketshare, with Samsung being the clear runner-up at 20.1 percent.

The 64-gigabyte iPhone 8 Plus was the best selling phone in the region, followed by the 256-gigabyte iPhone X. The 64-gigabyte X claimed fifth, while the 64-gigabyte 8 and 256-gigabyte 8 Plus ranked seventh and eighth.

Taiwan represents a relatively small market for Apple, but also one that's comparatively affluent given the number of technology firms based there, including some of the company's suppliers. Typically Apple doesn't break out its Taiwanese numbers, considering it part of the "Greater China" market despite its political status.


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    foggyhillfoggyhill Posts: 4,767member
    The volume month to month slowed down in all markets, that's what t has done every year for the last 7 since they shifted to a fall release. Good god.
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