Apple holds recruitment event in Paris store to mark International Women's Day

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In honor of International Women's Day, Apple will be hosting a number of events in select retail outlets around the world to celebrate the achievements of women, including one evening in the Paris Marche Saint-Germain store that will be used as a recruitment event for the company.

The Paris event on March 8, taking place between 8pm and 10pm local time, will consist of an "evening of inspiration, participation, and celebration," reports Mogul. The registration page, specifically stating it as a celebration of International Women's Day, says it aims to help participants discover how to express their talents over the course of the evening.

While the page doesn't explicitly state it is being used for recruitment, it does start off by claiming "it is the diversity of career paths and employee perspectives that drives innovation." Other indicators include a business casual dress code and sections on the registration form for the attendee's professional profile or website, and to include a resume.

In the London Mayfair store in the UK, She Can Code is working with NetMums and the Today at Apple team for an event on March 8 at 11am local time. The session will involve inspirational talks from speakers and a coding event, which is hoped to inspire mothers to support children who are likely to grow up learning how to code.

Apple is likely to mark International Women's Day in other ways, as well as via in-store events. Last year, it highlighted content in the iTunes movie, book, and TV stores with strong female characters and related themes.
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