Apple Music for Android updated with music video enhancements, bug fixes

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Apple on Tuesday issued the latest iteration of its Apple Music app for Android, delivering a handful of enhancements, namely music video playback options, that bring the title more in line with its iOS counterpart.

Apple Music for Android version 2.4 includes a number of improvements to music video streaming, functionality already available on the Music app for iOS.

Specifically, the updated Android title allows users to watch video content in fullscreen, as well as in the Now Playing section of the app. Previously, subscribers using a handset running Google's operating system were limited to windowed playback, a sub-optimal experience compared to other video streaming apps.

In addition, users can now watch videos while browsing other areas of the app, similar to the minimize video function on iOS.

Subscribers can also add favorite music videos to customized playlists, meaning content can be queued up for back-to-back viewing. This is a change from previous versions that forced users to search for individual songs, thus hindering continuous playback.

Perhaps most useful is a new feature that allows music videos to continue playing in the background when Apple Music is closed. The update brings Apple Music up to speed with other entertainment apps like Google's own YouTube, which have long allowed users to listen to audio from video content in the background.

Finally, Apple includes a number of unnamed bug fixes and performance improvements designed to improve stability and compatibility with more devices.

Apple Music for Android version 2.4 is a free download from the Google Play store.
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