California to introduce 'right to repair' bill, joins 17 other states in consumer initiati...



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    smcarter said:

    I’m not sure if this would be a good move. It could create a parts shortage. 

    Also, would Apple have to allow the exchanged parts, because most parts are much cheaper if you send the old part back to Apple. 

    Also, any non-Apple authorized repair facility should have to make clear that they are not Apple authorized. 

    Some third party repair centers do things that an Apple authorized repair shop would never do like glue batteries into laptops. I’ve seen where laptops have been made unrepairable by non-Apple repair shops. 

    Hopefully, this will go through legislative hearings and allow Apple authorized repair shops an opportunity to testify. 

    Surely Apple is under no legal obligation to supply parts to third parties? Forcing a business to sell something would be a violation of the commandeering clause and the commerce clauses of the Tenth Amendment.
    Under this law, Apple would be required to provide parts and manuals. Since it is unlikely that Apple would be forced to exchange parts, I think people will find that there will be little savings. I‘m not sure how they would provide manuals since they are not printed and not even on pdf. 
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