Amazon continues to claim top spot in Harris reputation poll, Apple plummets to 29th



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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 4,656member
    We talked about this before, the last time this survey came out. Wegman's is an east coast only company and does not have stores everywhere even on the east coast. I highly doubt lots of people know about this company. How can survey have a local company among international brand companies. There is flaw in this survey.
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    wigginwiggin Posts: 2,265member
    Rayz2016 said:
    So what this survey tells us is that Apple gets bad press. 

    Unless those 28,500 people have all worked at, read the financial statements from, and studied the environmental reports from every company in the survey. 
    Or it tells us that vastly more people care more about getting pretty much anything the might need delivered to their door in two days than a $1000 phone than can 3D scan their face. Most people don't care about bleeding edge technology or how well some company they don't work for does financially or tackles environmental responsibility. They just want to make their day-to-day lives more convenient. Amazon excels at that.

    Doesn't mean Apple is bad or is hated. Just not as relevant to their lives as Amazon is.

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