Apple invites developers to app workshop in Paris' Station F startup incubator

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Apple is believed to be organizing a developer workshop in Paris next week, according to French Apple-specialist media, with the event apparently being held at a tech startup center called 'Station F,' a facility thought to have a small Apple team in residence to help developers working in the incubator.

The workshop will take place on March 23, reports Mac4Ever, with the event hosted in Station F's building. The workshop is said to last approximately two hours and will include a question and answer session with Apple professionals, as well as the ability to share work on apps with other attendees.

The event is apparently intended for those who are working on a mobile app project or have recently published their work to the App Store, with the aim of helping participants improve and promote their work. So far, only a few hand-picked developers have been invited to the event, and it is unclear how many places there will be available for those wanting to attend.

Apple is believed to have a small group of employees working at Station F to assist developers in creating and validating apps for the App Store. The dedicated but small team is likely to be an expansion of other similar developer-focused efforts, such as the App training center in Italy.

Headed up by billionaire Xavier Niel as the key investor and managed by Roxanne Varza, former head of Micrsoft's startup program manager, Station F is a 34,000 square meter facility that offers a common workspace for startups to collaborate on projects. Major firms including Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Zendesk also participate, helping select startups to bring to the site and assisting in their work.

The facility charges 195 euros per month as a per-desk fee, along with discounted and free memberships, and a fellowship that costs 900 euros per year.


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    Unfortunately our startup didn't make it through the final round. Sweet incubator though.
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