Video: Everything new in iOS 11.4 including AirPlay 2, Messages in iCloud, and more



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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 579member
    caliban11 said:
    Don’t think “Messages in the cloud” was removed from 11.3 beta. I have whatever the last beta was before 11.3 release (15E5216a) and it’s still there and syncing with my other devices. Unless it’s available to a subset of users...
    This is correct. iCloud Messages was never removed from the 11.3 beta so as long as you stayed on the betas you never lost the feature.
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    cropr said:
    ameldrum1 said:
    It's a long time since I've been as excited about a feature as I am about iMessage iCloud syncing - having unsynced messages littered across 6 or so devices is not helpful for my mild OCD. Fingers crossed this is finally getting close to release. (Although in the now 9 months or so since it was initially promised I've learned not to hold my breath!) 
    That's one of the reasons I never used iMessage in the 1st place.  It could not sync between all my devices.  And because I have some non Apple devices next to my MBP , my iPhone and my iPad, it will not be possible with the new version neither.   So I am not that excited about a poor cloud service called iCloud, but of course YMMV.
    Out of curiosity have iMessages backed up on iCloud always been open to decryption on Apple's end in order to comply with lawful orders for disclosure, and is this new syncing feature a default or mandatory one beginning with 11.4 even if you don't use iCloud backups? I have a reason for asking. 
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