Does YouTube's new dark theme save iPhone X battery life?



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    I want a dark mode so I can use my phone AND my computer at night.   The bright screens absolutely interfere with my sleep.  But I need to work.  

    I'm not sure I understand your post. You need to work at night, the bright screen interferes with your sleep. That is good, right? You want to stay awake if you are working.

    But you are asking for a dark mode so you can use your phone and computer at night for work and then sleep on the job?

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    ivanh said:
    Dark mode to read; white mode to print. As simple as that.
    It's been the default for as long as I can remember in AutoCAD. So much nicer to work with when you're staring at it all day.
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    mygig said:
    while there is nothing wrong with the video, it's pretty much useless. nobody spends any significant time being in the youtube menu and we all know oled can turn off the pixels. A true to live test would've been more useful.
    Exactly.  What percentage of the time "using" the YouTube app is spent without the video taking up the entire screen?  10%?  1%?  The advantage of dark mode for this particular app is entirely aesthetics, not power consumption.
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    Speaking of dark mode, iPhone X has been out for a while now AI. A dark mode would be appreciated. Smart-Invert isn’t always smart - some images still appear as negatives. And besides, True Tone doesn’t work with Smart-Invert and True Tone is just too nice a touch to lose for any reason. I’m sure it’s in the works. And Apple should add it to their Reader View for websites too. 
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