Apple bringing in more labor to cope with surge of iPhone battery replacements



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    GG1GG1 Posts: 483member
    I had my 6s with a 85% battery. Replacing the battery did nothing to the speed of the phone, but it did get me through the evenings. Also a lot better feel. 
    I have a 6s with 85% battery. I get occasional freezes, but most importantly I lose 35-40% battery over night (in standby). I'm hoping a replacement battery will fix my lost standby time.

    When I approached Apple about this (before the battery replacement program), they suggested I do a restore as well as check the background app settings. I did both. The standby didn't change.
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    seankillseankill Posts: 566member
    k2kw said:
    With all these battery replacements I wonder if it will impact sales stretching out the replacement cycle.   But I don’t think it will impact sales of the IPhone X only iPhone 8 and lower.

    I doubt it. There are many people who thought that the battery would make their phone faster, but in their case they realized that the device was not as fast as they remember it was with the iOS version that was originally on it. Some of them have decided to upgrade and get a new iPhone. 
    Count me in the stretched out. I get a new iPhone every 2 years. In November, my wife and I will be replacing our iPhone 7+ batteries and running another 2-3 years. 
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    ivanhivanh Posts: 597member
    I didn’t replace any batteries of my iPhones. All of them over 95%. Having said that, it was painful in the last two iOS versions that the between-screen lag time were throttled to render the iPhones unusable.  I don’t think Apple would consider throttling iPhones anymore, at least in the near future. Why pay $29 to Apple to clean up theirs piled up inventory of batteries?
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