Apple considering third-party Apple Watch face support, watchOS beta code reveals



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    chasmchasm Posts: 508member
    jsmythe00 said:
    Apple needs to listen to it's customers or it won't have any

    Yes they are doing so poorly from not listening to customers like yourself. They're practically broke, horribly unpopular, and will soon be out of business. LOL!
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    jsmythe00jsmythe00 Posts: 425member
    macgui said:
    jsmythe00 said:
    Apple needs to listen to it's customers or it won't have any
    ROFL, that is both adorable and hysterical, in a cranial inversion sort of way.

    My guess is this will be pretty strict. Apple doesn’t want the headache of copyright/trademark issues.
    I would hope so. They've had their share of infringement issues on their own, without any third-party help.

    I am against this in no uncertain terms. Beyond the copyright/trademark potential pitfall, there's the Crappy Pebble Watch Face Syndrome that would/will no doubt flourish.

    Apple should moderate Watch faces and say 'Yes, your submission meets our security criteria but is pure crap and has no business on our Watches. Pebble would've lapped that up. Begone.

    With the Photo Watch face, I've already seen enough movie and sports team versions for a lifetime. I'd like to see Apple ban any attempt at those, which may fall under the copyright/trademark umbrella anyway.

    I'd much rather leave the design to Apple. The choice would be slimmer but the signal to noise ratio would be MUCH higher.  Just looking at app icons tells me this would be a big mistake. There would be some gems, but rarity is what makes them gems.

    I do want more, and more elegant (read: analog) Watch faces, especially rectangular Watch faces. The very few we occasionally get with updates are too few too slowly. 
    I’m sure this is one reason we haven’t seen them yet. Who decides what’s elegant and what’s not? Should Apple be playing the role of tastemaker in chief for every watch face submitted? I can see that being a recipe for disaster and then you’ll have all these devs taking to social media complaining about their watch face that Apple rejected. And then the narrative will be what right does Apple have to decide what watch face I have on my Watch. They can’t control what background image I have on my iPhone/iPad/Mac. The alternative is allowing anything and having the Watch App Store flooded with crappy watch face ‘apps’.

    They have policy and procedures for their apps stores. What is the problem to extending that to watch faces?

    Watch faces are nothing more than springboards.  Put policies in place and open the damn thing up
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    LatkoLatko Posts: 75member
    designr said:
    Shouldn't this be filed in the "well, duh" category? Whether they actually expose it might be news, but the fact that they thought about it and even put some stuff in place to make it possible seems surprising...not.

    The idea of them considering this staggers me.

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 1,999member
    A Third Party Watch Face!!!!   Really!
    ... Yawn...

    Yeh sure, that'll make my life better...  
    ...  Maybe it'll come in purple?  Ya think?  Maybe?
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