Apple's iPhone unlikely to recover eroded Chinese marketshare, analyst argues



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    mr lizardmr lizard Posts: 354member
    So revenue is up, which is exactly what Apple goes after. More cash for the ever growing pile, more to spend on R&D for future products, and more for shareholder dividends. 

    Unit sales are not where some ‘analysts’ would like them to be, however. Which is something Apple doesn’t go after. 

    In other words, Apple’s doing very well doing what it does best, and analysts and some journalists ‘spin’ this as negative news. Sounds like business as usual. 

    In the mean time, no headlines about how Huawei’s revenue can’t match Apple’s despite a) being on their home turf and b) shifting more units. 

    Catch up Huawei! 
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 7,798member
    mr lizard said:

    Catch up Huawei! 
    I think they are progressing well:

    And that is without carrier access to one of the world's largest premium handset markets.

    If the US/China trade conflict escalates, some say the iPhone will be targeted in the next round of measures.

    It's clear that Huawei can do well without the US. Can Apple do well without China?

    Especially as Huawei is now doubling down on the rest of the world (and gunning for Apple and Samsung) in the process.

    We see a lot of articles on Apple's top quarter but there are three others in the year and Huawei already overtook Apple for large parts of last year on unit sales.
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