Sloppy report depicts Apple as struggling with LG as an alternative to Samsung OLEDs on ne...



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    There are many reasons to believe they are overpriced but what counts is market performance, not our opinions.

    I switched solely on price. You didn't. You bought an iPhone X for 1,000+ dollars. I bought a 249€ handset.

    What counts for Apple is if they are happy with unit sales for the asking price.
    They may be happy but you seem so disgruntled as to continually spread FUD about Apple.  Enjoy your Chinese phones...they have their own forums you know.
    FUD? FUD?

    Still have far more Apple gear than any other brand. Still have an opinion, which I'll express freely thank you very much. You don't like it, that's nothing new, but FUD? 

    I'll call it as I see it and having access to both Android AND iOS I can actually base my opinion on something, I support it with links when the information is tangible and you should know when an opinion is speculation or not.

    I don't live in an 'us' and 'them' world. I have no burning desire to mock, ridicule or hate other people or companies. I don't run around shouting 'troll' at people who criticise Apple or show support for competitors.

    If you want FUD, it's our there but not from me.
    The point is that mentioning that you Apple products, that you use Apple products, that you have more Apple products than any other brand, and/or that you own more Apple products than the next guy neither adds to your credibility and is a red flag as that statement is almost always used in conjunction with an "Apple sucks because…" statement. It's the technological equivalent of stating a sentence with "I'm not racist but…" You know that the chances of anything credible coming from that statement is highly unlikely.

    I wish I didn't have to remind people of the fact but sometimes there's no other way to drive the point home. I never seek credibility. It is gained (or not) through what we (everybody) write and how we support it.

    There are few more efficient ways to let the reader know the reality when FUD, troll, BS claims get banded around than by outlining where your, in this instance, Apple knowledge comes from. There's no better way to opine on a device than by letting users know you actually use them.

    Just as you had to remind several users here (and multiple times at that) that you were an Amazon Echo user and as such, more than qualified to speak on it.

    I've largely stayed out of the home assistant/speaker debate simply because I don't have one. I've read the comments though.

    It's not the same as someone saying 'I'm not racist'. That is something that stays in the person's head and however much you 'suspect', you simply don't know.

    It doesn't matter if someone doesn't share our opinions but before anyone begins labelling people (troll, FUD spreader, Bullshitter or whatever) they should at least have enough to make the claim stick.

    If we're talking about 'red flags', isn't it applicable to those who throw those labels around as if they were confetti without adequately supporting those claims?

    Personally, I would run Apple very differently to how Apple is currently run. You might too but someone else might not. I wasn't a fan of Steve Jobs but I'm not a big fan of Tim Cook's Apple either but I might be a fan of his successor. Who knows? We have our opinions, things we like and don't like but those opinions should not be labelled as FUD if the people doing the labelling aren't prepared to step up to the plate and discuss things, and much less if those people only band those labels around in the first place because they just don't like what you think.

    'Apple sucks' when Apple sucks. Not always. I have gone against the grain in supporting Apple fairly often. I love my iPad Mini 2. The Air and MBP are performing well. Apple sucks more now than it did in the past but that's my opinion.

    When someone gloats over Apple having a high ASP or earning the most profits or being the most successful company on the planet I just scratch my head in bewilderment.

    I care about the products, the purpose they serve, the price and the design etc. As a consumer, I have no interest in how much more Apple (or any other company) makes than others but if necessary, I will point out that there are companies earning less (but still lots) and producing equally good or better products than Apple. I don't attack products simply because they from a competitor. If it's good IMO, I say so. If someone says something that simply isn't true, more often than not I let it go but if it gets repeated I will sometimes comment.

    I try to comment on what I know. I rarely speak about Samsung as all my experience with them (apart from TVs is) is virtually zero but when it comes to Apple, I have more than enough experience with the product to comment on it.  

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