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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor is joined by Sonya Mann to talk about the latest news in iPhone LCD and SE2, the difficulty with going all-in on USB-C, and EU proposed regulation of app stores.

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AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and special guest Sonya Mann discuss:
  • The rumored LCD iPhone could be $200 cheaper than OLED counterparts - Victor thinks this could makes sense, if Apple's replacing the "last-year's model-as-reduced-price-model when the new iPhones launch - which seems strange unless the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are to be short lived rather than hang around and be sold as a discount when new phones are announced.
  • That same LCD iPhone may skip 3D Touch in favor of better glass - Sonya and Victor both think this is weird: When does Apple just drop features from one model and retain them for the rest of the line?
  • Going all-in on USB-C with Apple's ecosystem? That's impossible -- for now - Neil Hughes tries to go all-in, and we discuss why it's so difficult.
  • a purported 'iPhone SE 2' with glass back & headphone jack shows up in pictures from Weibo on a Czech site - If this thing is real, and there's no evidence that it is, SE lovers should rejoice: it looks like the same form factor
  • Apple is said to be negotiating with Samsung to lower OLED costs for 2018 iPhones - this seems plausible. It doesn't mean that we'd see a lower cost of the 2018 iPhone at retail.
  • The TrueDepth component supplier is taking a 14% hit on their stock after issuing lowered earnings guidance - Sonya and Victor don't know quite what to make of this. Apple should be securing orders for parts if they're going to go into production in a timely way. This is half the business of this specific component supplier, and they're hit hard not having the orders. Is there another supplier that's currently unknown?
  • Apple's 'A12' chip reportedly in production using 7nm process from TSMC - We talk a little about the performance gains from a smaller process, and Apple's history of redoing older chips on the smaller process for older chips they're still using.
  • Proposed EU rules could require Apple to explain App Store rankings, defend take from subscriptions - Sonya talks a little about subscription fatigue, and Victor thinks through all the inconsistent ways that subscriptions are handled currently.
  • Apple acquires the rights to distribute the Ed Sheeran documentary, "Songwriter" - Sonya comments on Apple's media play, as well as the notion that Apple is going to give this a theatrical release.

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