Lisa Jackson wins ELI's 2018 Environmental Achievement Award for work with Apple & EPA

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A think tank, the Environmental Law Institute, is awarding Apple VP Lisa Jackson its Environmental Achievement Award both for her work at Apple and her long tenure with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she was made administrator under President Barack Obama.

The solar-equipped
The solar-equipped "spaceship" at Apple Park.

"Lisa has exemplified leadership, innovation, and commitment to sound science and rule of law at each step of her remarkable career," wrote ELI president Scott Fulton. "She has been a tireless champion for both sustainability and environmental justice, and has left an enduring mark on both the private sector and the public sector. Her work in greening Apple's supply chain and in reducing the company's carbon and natural resource footprint has been exceptional, reflecting the power and reach of business leadership in advancing environmental performance and stewardship."

Jackson joined Apple in 2013, and also heads up the company's various policy and social initiatives, including educational work and government dealings.

Apple just recently announced that all of its first-party stores, data centers, and offices are now powered by green energy sources. The company has invested in solar, wind, and fuel cell technology, even lining the roofs of Apple Park with solar panels to fulfill that goal -- though the campus can still tap into grid power when necessary.

A bigger hurdle has been greening or at least offsetting the environmental damage caused by suppliers, as well as shipping, packaging, and mineral consumption. Though some progress has been made, the company has hundreds of partners.


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