Tim Cook handily tops new rankings of most impactful CEOs driving corporate growth



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    lkrupp said:
    maestro64 said:
    so where are our friends who keep calling for Tim's head and how he is failing the company and consumers.
    They’re in a meeting with the analysts and “Steve is dead” crowd who predicted the iPhone X would be a flop and that it was all over for Apple. It’s a strategy meeting to come up with a new narrative of Apple’s impending doom. Don’t worry, they’ll be back soon.
    I'm sure they'll be back in droves.  I'm really worried about the day Amazon beats Apple to that $1T market cap mark.  The news media will certainly be calling for Tim Cook's head and how he turned Apple's 'ginormous' profits lead into a corporate loss of dignity.  I know having the largest market cap doesn't mean all that much but I'd almost swear Apple should have had an unbeatable lead by now if they really wanted to grow the company to enormous proportions quickly.  Large acquisitions could have turned that trick.  It's as though Apple totally neglected the computer side of the company just to sell more iPhones.  However, why should I complain.  I feel Apple is a solid company, despite its lack of growth.  I get my quarterly dividends and I'm doing a lot better than most investors that I know are doing.  I think the most I can about Tim Cook is he's doing an OK job as Apple's CEO.  Maybe there's someone who could do a better job but I'm sure there's plenty who could do a lot worse.  I sure wouldn't want Elon Musk running Apple no matter how much he's praised for his genius.
    AMZN, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t bought back any stock.  Apple has spent more than any company ever, I think, on buybacks.  That reduces the market cap because the share price is multiplied by fewer shares. Ideally, the price would rise to equally offset that effect, but it doesn’t always do that.  But even without the $1t market cap, we long-term shareholders are doing just fine. 
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    Truly a great CEO running a ginormous money machine. I'm all for opening new markets and developing new and ground-breaking devices.  I regret, however, the loss of focus on professional Macs and the Mac mini. Clearly, it's not a fixed sized research and development pie as witnessed by the increased R&D sending, but that doesn't seem so true of professional Macs and the Mac mini.
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