DirecTV Now for iOS & Apple TV picks up easier UI, beta cloud DVR & more



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    nemaworm said:
    deminsd said:
    Signed up yesterday to get my free ATV 4K and discovered dtvnow doesn't offer CBS.  They have ABC, NBC and FOX, but no CBS.  Sort of a deal breaker...

    And the interface was horrible.  Just trying to figure out how to get to local channels was a chore.  Hopefully this will be better.
    I have CBS and CBS sports on my dtvnow app in LA area.  Might be location specific if it's not showing up on your app.  On the discover tab click on networks and see if CBS is showing up.  Otherwise it's in alphabetical order in the guide.
    The agreement governing CBS availability in local markets including but not limited to recording and broadcast has more to do with success and profitability of CBS All ACCESS - when that idea finally dies and it will CBS will be live just like the others. They had a compelling argument and the flagship of Star Trek. But the paywall/authentication model is inevitable. CBS isn’t just CBS, its Viacom and Showtime and theyre not as rich or successful as the only truly profitable content creators who also pipe it in - HBO and actually only HBO. Probably Disney next year too... but they have a vault of content they now own but Star Wars alone will make that successful but CBS is dragging its feet. 
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