Apple taken to task for actions of Chinese suppliers in 'Complicit' documentary [u]



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    I think we are all missing the point here. If you lost a loved one due to a bad work environment would you really care who is at fault. No, you would have hate and anger & would hold anyone you would think is responsible whether their at fault or not. 

    Fact is Chinese worker are dying do to unsafe work environment no matter what company it is in China. Families who have lost loved one or those that are suffering want retribution for this.

    In my humble opinion I feel that it is the activist or humans right group that distort the truth & single out particular companies to blame. Apple is extremely well known & everyone that’s not been under a rock knows they have their products built in China. So they are easy to target. Does it make it right?, No! 

    No mater who is at fault or not, when lives are on the line do to negligence someone has to be held accountable. 

    My sincere prayers goes out to those that are unnecessary suffering & to those that have unnecessarly past on. 
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