Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg enters the ring in data privacy bout with Tim Cook



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    Oh, my. She hasn’t got a leg to stand on here.
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    Sheryl Sandberg must be right. Each and every time, Zuckerberg walks away clean. Capitol Hill and the E.U. can't touch that guy. I don't believe Zuckerberg has anything to worry about. Big investors also feel the same way. Tim Cook's cry for the right to privacy has fallen on deaf ears. Facebook subscriber numbers are rising. Currently, Facebook is again outperforming Apple in terms of share gains even while privacy concerns are being tossed about. It's quite likely data-harvesting companies won't be fined or regulated because they're supporting the overall stock market with their high value. Cambridge Analytica is gone and the data-breach scandal is as good as forgotten.

    Honestly, if consumers don't care anything about how their personal data is being used, why should anyone else make a big deal out of it? The most profitable companies are actively data-harvesting consumers. Consumers are their product and that's making those companies highly profitable. Consumers are an unlimited growth product. That's much more than can be said for iPhone sales. Apple is going to lose this privacy battle. The FBI hates Apple due to iPhone encryption which supposedly protects criminals and terrorists. No one is on Tim Cook's side. Wall Street will always side with data-harvesting companies because of their profitability. Morality has nothing to do with it. It's always about profitability. That's all that ever really matters.
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    I have read a few posts on how bad is Facebook / Google with privacy and personal data, while Apple is the opposite, taking care of users privacy and personal data.  If that's the case, why is Apple allowing apps from both companies in the App Store?   Why did Apple agree to change the default search engine in iOS to Google Search for $3B?
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    “But it’s FREE!” ...so nothing else matters. Right?
    Sooo sadly true
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    Well, the hearings have been a dog and pony show on both sides of the pond for Zuckerberg. Nothing has changed for FB.

    But I do wonder what will happen with GDPR kicking in. Will it have any significant impact on FB?

    Speaking of GDPR, I was recently working on a British network and accessed a link to a story hosted on Yahoo. Before loading the story, Yahoo said it was part of some consortium and asked me to consent to allow for tracking cookies in order to access the content. The options I had were "OK" and "Other Options".

    When I selected "Other Options", there was just another text asking me to allow the usage of cookies to view the content. Again, only "OK" and "Options".

    Clicking on "Options" again made it clear that I will not be able to view anything till I give consent to tracking cookies so I just closed the browser tab.

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