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    [quote]Originally posted by EmAn:

    <strong>Isn't Apple's goal to gain marketshare? To reach that goal they need to either:

    a) Lower prices

    This might not be easy but if they're going to keep the specs the same then they need to do something. The prices of the computers for the specs they have aren't good at all.


    b) Make competitive hardware

    This Apple could do, even without having faster processors. It's 2003 now, a 100MHz system bus is crazy. That was good when? In 1999. Come on. 128MB of RAM would be fine if Apple had an operating system that ran decently with that amount of RAM. The fact is 128MB isn't enough for OS X. It slows down the machines so much. Try using a 800MHz iBook. With 128MB it sucks. With more RAM it's a great little computer.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    a. Have you seen Apple's financials lately? Has anyone even given a damn about lower prices on ibooks and powerbooks? no. 4 billion dollars is nothing.

    *4 billion dollars is nothing*

    At a company the size of apple, that goes away fast. Right now, lowering the cost of Macs while generating losses doesn't add up. If you slice your profits in half but don't sell twice as many Macs while losing money, then guess what? You're losing even more money now. Go take an economics class instead of making empty whines.

    b. They're going to IBM, but guess what? Processors take years to design. Steve did the absolute best thing anyone could do and ran to IBM as fast as possible. He's can't just start farting out new chips just because you're whining. Chips take billions of dollars and billions in equipment to create. Even if you give them more money, they won't be able to go that much faster. Also go to an economics class to learn about this. Given what they have, I think they did a damn good job.

    90% of the people here would bankrupt Apple within a year. You can talk all day about what they must do but at the end of the day it doesn't mean squat if you flunked out of math.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Amorph:

    <strong>The 'no commentary' stricture didn't last long, did it?


    Eeesh. I must have missed that part.
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    [quote]However, if you have a plan for Apple to gain market share, I'm sure they're willing to listen. After all, it was an Apple customer that coined the phrase 'Velocity Engine' and recieved a brand new G4 tower for his idea. I'm sure they'll give you a bit more than that if you can figure this out. <hr></blockquote>

    LOL. I hear the MultiFinder was a hack too. Needless to say they hired the programmer.

    I have an idea: Steve.
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    People blame so much on Steve, EmAn says Steve isnt the right man for the job, why? I think the place that Apple is in now is better than where it was when he first took over, dramatically better. Get over it, Steve is the best any company could have.

    Apple is especially lucky to have Steve Jobs right now because the market and investors need confidence...would Gil Amelio or Ted Wait provide that?

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