Apple's 2019 iPhone lineup may mark the end of the Lightning connector



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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,314member
    cornchip said:
    cgWerks said:
    Note to self... don't order the 100-pack of Lightning cables.
    My wife & brother would blow through that by time new phones come out.
    Tell me about it. :)
    I'm constantly on their cases to treat their cables with more respect, but that just slightly slows the mayhem.
    I think I've included the original cable with pretty much every device I've had when I sold it, except for one (excluding headphones, of course). Sometimes they do go bad, but if you take care of them, it should be rare.

    Now... if I ever switch to Lightning for headphones, I expect I'll be replacing lots of cables, and unfortunately phones (or repairs) much more often. :(

    (Because, the secret is that I seldom use cables except for charging, or maybe plugging in while in the car. My wife/son seem to always run their devices down and then have to use their devices while plugged in. Which means they are often bending the cables or putting pressure on them. I've also been trying to teach them how to wind a cable properly... to no avail.)
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    sphericspheric Posts: 1,800member
    MplsP said:
    This would definitely make things more convenient - you could use the same charging brick for your MacBook as well as your iPhone, or simply use the same double USB C cable for your computer and phone. Having a single standard connector would make public charging much easier as well.  
    I only carry the one brick and have a usb-C to Lightning cable along for iPad and phone.
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