Apple Support app comes to over 20 new regions, picks up more languages

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On Tuesday the Apple Support app for iPhones and iPads became accessible in over 20 more regions, picking up nine new languages along the way.

Apple Support on iPhone

Apple didn't specify the new regions in release notes for the updated app. The new languages identify some of them though, namely Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Indonesia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and the Czech Republic.

Critically, another change is that people can now choose their preferred language regardless of which country they're using the app in.

The Apple Support app is intended to troubleshoot common problems through guides, with suggestions based on the devices linked to a person's Apple ID. Should that not be enough, the app provides a way to contact AppleCare via phone or chat.

Apple's support teams are often considered a fundamental part of its brand. The company could expand them with a potential North Carolina campus, pending government handouts.


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    frantisekfrantisek Posts: 751member
    Wow, we are in :-) I would prefer Siri though. lol
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    Apple's support teams are often considered a fundamental part of its brand. The company could expand them with a potential North Carolina campus, pending government handouts.
    Link to any citation/authority that would support that contention? Fundamentally, Apple Support/retail stores/software dist policies are a disaster for many.

    I cannot get back the days/wks I have wasted my life on the very poor, and getting worse- Apple Support/Apple Store 'genius' experiences...wait until you get to McCain situation, then you'll want every last day back that Apple made you waste with their very, very poor support/services<<< someone @Apple Inc should get terminated, including Mr Cook, if necessary. I'm guessing Apple's retail div has been 'spying' or had an human resource placed @Verizon support.

    How else can I explain the nearly identical response I get from Verizon chat ignoramuses...but Verizon chat has some 'advanced' features that Apple chat is so '90's in being behind the times<<< like much of Mac div @Apple these days. Verizon chat allows you to resize the chat window, unlike Apple support; such that you can make it *much* bigger, such that you can actually see what the lengthy 'tweet storms' <<<(nother 'pop-culture' 'catch phrase/buzzwords' soon to be on the not acceptable list of soon to be newly promoted 'writing style guide' for AI) are saying.

    These 20's mellinials who cannot complete a normal sentence anymore, just keep hitting the tweet button, so you get 20 tweets that keep scrolling up the window, while you try frantically to keep up...having not mastered the youthful skill set of typing 100+wpm. b4 they claim that it has been 1-2min and u haven't responded, trying frantically to write a massive 200+ char tweet in response fast enough, then they close the chat session...after u already told them to F'n slow down! And since you have to scroll back N forth just to try to describe your issue, even the chat person with assuming a larger window, doesn't even bother to go back 10 tweets up in the thread to see what you actually typed! Uggh, this is an exercise in extreme masochism.

    ^Here's, ss above, a nice example from today where I tried to get simple answers about the newly announced 'faux' unlimited plans on Verizon...just like Apple, they want you to sign in to your account, so they can keep tabs on your data/ use, as they see fit. If you do not sign in, very difficult to even get a simple answer to a simple question<<< wasn't like this even a decade or so ago. It is almost as bad as trying to get your credit report closed with the 3 majors, they ask you questions about all the data they have mined over the decades, and if it doesn't match up with what they have on file>>> u are an potentail identity thief, while they 'allow' hackers free access to all your data, the Credit bureaus will prevent u from having access to. When is Apple going to ditch the craptastic Apple Pay, Face ID, and come up with some universal standard that does full retinal scanning that can't be spoofed, as means of ultra fast verification of identity?
    , pending government handouts.

    'handouts' <<< blogger or *cough* 'non-partisan' 'journalist'??? That is not how it is being characterized by 'responsible' (non-Fake News) media coverage /snark

    Did I mention that I tried using the Verizon app on my ip, but I never leave anything on 'always' on login, too risky...instead of being stuck on the desktop website problems of not being able to get a real person, live chat. Forgot how to do a SS, quick Google search, bc  then I had problems with Friggin useless PITA (I"m just about to 'go postal now' <nother banned catch phrase to be included on the new list) Wi-Fi & USB connection issues trying to get iMazing to connect via USB (yeah I read the FAQ on their site, telling u to unplug/restart/power off the whole schebang, only to find that without having wi-fi network connected iMazing would not allow me to transfer that single SS to my MBP, so I could post it up here...yeah, so 'modern' technology has me wasting more than an hour of my time just trying to get this simple post done...could take another hour refreshing my html code as there doesn't seem to be a BBcode option, that I'm more familiar with :(

    WTH can't damned beyotch Siri do all of this ^ above for me. And when will we have the new improved Siri, now bc of Tim Cook, LBGT enhanced 'Shawn/Chris' gender neutral replacement been implemented...ACLU get at them already.
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