Premium 2018 'iPhone X Plus' expected to be just as popular as iPhone X



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    theothergeofftheothergeoff Posts: 2,081member
    looks like they are going to try to force a large phone on those that don't want it and have to pay more for OLED just to get the smallest screen.
    and of course, the miniturization of computing technology has never sold at a premium....
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    tobiwantobiwan Posts: 73member
    dysamoria said:
    I won't be buying that one either.

    The sweet spot is long gone (iPhone 4 size) and I don't care for my iPhone 6s physical design (the appearance is hidden in a case, per requirement to make the damn thing not slippery and comfortable in the hand, and the size forces me to use two hands to operate everything else other than talking on a voice call). I don't want FaceID replacing TouchID, and I hate the extra gesture complexity demanded with the loss of the home button.

    Apple will eventually force me to buy another one, and Droid will never be an option for me, but it's not going to be for a couple years yet that I'm forced into another phone, I hope.
    Extra gesture complexity?  I loved Touch ID and the home button and was hesitant to switch to th X. But now the home button and interface seems so outdated. Much easier to tap and swipe.  I was excited to see the X gestures coming to the iPad pros in iOS12.  
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