7 hours in the spaceship: interviewing for a job at Apple Park



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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 3,328member
    k2kw said:
    Two sets of employees welcomed the individual, with blue-shirted Apple Security personnel accompanied by green-shirted "greeters," who acted as guides in a similar way to front-of-store Apple retail employees directing customers to other store staff."

    Apple Park is the world's most beautiful Prison.

    It's amazing how you always manage to find something negative to say about Apple.

    Actually, it's not. I wish you'd give it a rest.

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    ireland said:
    I have interviewed many people over the years. 

    There are only really 2 question that  I try to find the answers to, all the supplementary questions try to find these out and are based on these 2  simple questions:

    1) Can this person do the job? Aka. Do they have the skills, or are they trying to pull the wool?

    2) can they fit in lto the team (aka are they a total cancer / asshole?)

    if you are trying to  find a job all you have to do is not come over as a complete ass and know what you are doing. Simple really!
    If only life was that simple.
    It IS that simple -- in mediocre organizations....
    Our research found that these companies have 16% star players, while other companies have 15%,” he says. “They start with about the same mix of star players, but they are able to produce dramatically more output.

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