Apple looking to deploy 1Password company-wide, company buy-out denied [u]



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    DangDave said:
    I wonder how many Apple employees already use 1Password?
    Just Tim.
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    MplsP said:
    Soli said:
    MplsP said:
    loopless said:
    I agree that 1Password is much more than a simple password manager - I have been using it for a long time.
    However, the iOS keychain is now much more convenient than 1Password as a single user password manager.
    I have several apps/web sites that prompt me regularly for a password. With keychain, I can unlock the keychain quickly with touch id, then keychain enters them directly from the "keyboard" - the suggestions seem always correct and match up with the app/website.
    With 1Password I would be switching back and forth to the 1Password app to get the username and password.

    I started using 1Password years ago when Apple ditched Mobile me and keychain syncing. Now I have an uncomfortable mix of 1password and the Apple Keychain. The keychain is definitely more convenient in how well it integrates with iOS, MacOS, Safari, etc, but 1Password is a much better designed and more useful program. I would love for it to be able to access the keychain, or for Apple to incorporate it into MacOS
    1P with Safari is seamless enough. On macOS they have extensions for you’re browser of choice, and for iOS you can easy set 1P to be the first item in the list when you tap the box with the up-arrow in it from the bottom-center of the mobile Safari app.
    I have the browser extension installed for MacOS, but that still requires me to enter a password for 1password whereas the keychain data is automatically there. Ditto with credit card info. 

    Thanks for the tip on iOS. You're right, it was not difficult to do once I figured it out, but it was not at all clear that it was even a possibility (honestly, I virtually never use that menu - I'm sure many people are in the same boat.)
    I'm glad the mobile Safari option helped and I agree that it's not obvious, but things will get better with iOS 12 as password managers are getting some better integration. Hopefully that leads to apps, too.

    I'm unclear what you mean with your first paragraph. I do have to input my "one" password for 1Password either in the app proper or the browser extension to get access to all my logins and CC info, but that's how I would expect it it. You log in once after restarting your Mac or logging out which is an extra layer of security above and beyond your Mac login and then then it's available to me without having to re-login into 1P again until the next restart. The same goes for my iPhone.

    Because my disk is encrypted and I use macOS login password with very special characters (which I've talked about before), I have no problem letting 1P stay open until there's a restart.

     The reason I don't also enable the Touch ID option is because I want to have to manually input my 1P master password occasionally, which is the first thing AgileBit states on that "Learn more" from the above screenshot.

    Remember your Master Password. If you use Touch ID frequently, it may be easier to forget your Master Password because you’re not regularly typing it

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    jcallows said:
    1Password needs to get rid of the money-grabbing subscription-based model.
    I am a long time 1Password user and I too have found the move to a subscription based model very trying. 
    They make it very difficult to start using the program without buying into the subs model.  I still have the legacy standalone program which is excellent.  But I personally have recommended people to not buy into 1Password now for this reason. 
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    SoliSoli Posts: 9,391member
    I'm seeing a lot of confusion about how 1Passsword now works. While it's not completely unwarranted, but I do think it's being blown out of proportion and that AgileBits explanations of why they've made the changes they did are warranted.

    What I see as the minor issue is the subsjurptopn model. We inherently don't care for them, but with so many apps and platforms I'm perfectly fine with giving them a dollar or two a month for what they offer me in return as an app and service. I already monthly payments for Netflix, Hulu, cell phone, home internet, the gym, and countless other things that I spend a lot more money on and probably don't get nearly the same value. If I could pay up front for my macOS, Windows, and iOS 1Password apps like I did in the past I probably would, but it's not really any difference in cost unless you're not updating the apps (which is something you can always jump back to—it's not like they'll delete your data if you miss a month).

    The major issue for tech-savvy people is the online storage part, but you don't need to use it (see image below). I've set up a family plan so I can get my family better protected without using their online private's vault for any of my info. You can still sync via iCloud, Dropbox, WiFi, or the other options they allow, but make no mistake that AgileBits on line vaults do make it less daunting for those in your family that you're already having to explain the difference between a password manager and password generator to.

    One nice thing about the online vault is that it can be shared with other family members so that your Netflix account, for example, can have the same login data, and if you change the password you don't have to send it to other family members via iMessage, but rather just update the login for that shared vault. This is a benefit for that person in your family—which is probably you if you're reading this—that has to deal with tech issues.

    This image shows a Safari window logged into the website showing my empty Private vault and a partial screenshot in the lower-right corner of my macOS 1Password 7 app showing my Primary vault which I sync via iCloud to my other devices.

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    One of my top favor programs/apps, I have been a user since 1.0, been through the hell they put users through when they kept growing functionality and they had broken lots of things. Today it is working well and I used it every days both on my mac and ios devices. They threatened to make it subscription and required you to store the database on their servers to allow it to be universal access. They seem to back off on this, I am tired of this pay every year for something. If i want the next version upgrade I will pay but do not force me, since some times the upgrades suck especially with 1password, there has times I stayed on old versions for a long time until I was sure they fixed everything they broke. 
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    lostkiwi said:
    jcallows said:
    1Password needs to get rid of the money-grabbing subscription-based model.
    I am a long time 1Password user and I too have found the move to a subscription based model very trying. 
    They make it very difficult to start using the program without buying into the subs model.  I still have the legacy standalone program which is excellent.  But I personally have recommended people to not buy into 1Password now for this reason. 
    Add me to the list. I love 1Password but I fear I will eventually be forced into a subscription model. I totally understand why developers want a steady revenue stream to fund existing product maintenance and new product development but like others here I feel I'm already being subscriptioned to death. At some point in the future when people die they'll no longer say "he passed away" or "he died." Rather, it'll be "all his subscriptions expired." 
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    Sad. Apple users could use an excellent password manager instead of the chaotic Keychain. I think a buyout is in order. It would be great for all users.
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    I have been using Roboform since the early 2000's.  Am using their cloud sync Roboform Anywhere so I can have it installed in as many places as I want.

    Anyone else using it?  Works fine for me filling in passwords within Safari on my iPhone.
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    Keychain isn't cross-platform. Keychain doesn't have support for 2FA info or really any other fields other than username and password. Keychain doesn't proactively notify me when one of my passwords matches one of those turned up in a major breach. Keychain doesn't provide a good UI for viewing or modifying my login or credit card info. Keychain doesn't let me maintain a vault of credentials that is shared with my wife. Keychain can't store license keys. Keychain doesn't provide any sort of control over how it generates passwords. Keychain can't be taught to use the same credentials across multiple URLs (in cases where single sign-on is used). There are reasons why so much of AgileBits' customer base are macOS and iOS users, despite the existence of Keychain; Keychain is useful, but it's really, really, really basic.
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    If AgileBits UI and feature set were integrated with Keychain, we’d finally have an Apple worthy password app across devices. Keychain has been improved, but it still sucks.
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