Leak shows alleged front panels for Apple's new 5.8-, 6.1- & 6.5-inch iPhones



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    tht said:
    I'm still confused about this lineup. I don't understand how they're going to market the mid-sized LCD model in comparison to the other two. It appears that it'll have slightly thicker bezels, but what other differentiating factors will there be that separates it from the OLED models to the average consumer? I don't think most people are going to know or care about the difference between LCD and OLED. Plastic body like the 5c? :)
    The LCD model is rumored to have a single back camera, no 3D Touch, aluminum frame instead of steel, the aforementioned larger bezels, and the usual segmentation in storage and maybe SoC. It will look less “pretty” for lack of a better term. 

    No 3D Touch stings imo. That maybe implies no Taptic Engine, or a lessor version of it. 
    They really need to get 3D Touch on all devices and better supported if they want it to get used by more people. A large percentage of consumers would be like, "no 3D what?". Likewise, most people would probably wonder, "why would I want steel instead of aluminum?" Or care about bezels, or understand what a Taptic Engine is or why it's useful (even if they may have experienced it before). 

    My point is that at a glance, people might assume they're looking at good/better/best from small to medium to large, but it's obviously not that clear. Having to explain the minutiae of why the middle-sized iPhone is cheaper than the smaller one is the marketing problem I'm referring to. Not that they're going to have trouble selling any of these models, but how they position them. It's not an easy problem to solve.
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