Republican Mike Coffman joins push to restore net neutrality



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    blastdoor said:
    dewme said:
    I'm less concerned about net neutrality than I am about universal broadband service, and I mean true broadband service and not some of the pathetic service that is being touted as broadband. If you live in a low population density or rural area it is likely that your Internet service totally blows and there is no financial incentive for profit-above-all-else companies to pay for the infrastructure needed to bring true broadband service to your area. This is unacceptable when so much of modern life requires access to services that require reliable internet connectivity. If the current model for broadband internet service delivery was applied to electrical service delivery people living in rural areas would only being seeing 30 volts AC of non frequency regulated electrical service, say 30 VAC at somewhere between 10 and 100 Hz.  

    Societies that exist for human benefit always require a balance between public and private interests. There will always be essential services that aren't in the best financial interests of private for-profit organizations to deliver across the broader society. That's where the public sector has to step up and fill the gaps and do things that don't make financial sense for the private sector. Broadband internet service is now a utility service that must be available for all members of society.   
    Sounds reasonable, but I wonder if people living in rural areas in the US look at it that way. My casual impression is that they don't tend to vote in a way that would result in the kind of policy that you're suggesting here. 
    It's a single data point, but my parents feel this way. They pay a lot more for much slower service and extremely low data caps in order to get internet in east Texas. I pay less than half, 10x better speeds, and essentially unlimited data via fiber in my suburb. Unfortunately things like broadband coverage isn't a large part of a politicians platform when running. That's all I'll say so this doesn't get political and deleted :)
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