Samsung continues anti-iPhone X crusade with three new videos

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Samsung has extended the ad campaign slamming the iPhone X that it began earlier in July, and has released a trio of new videos that take aim at the iPhone X's notch, storage, and app presentation.

The notch family in Apple's ads

Samsung, which of late has been ramping up its attacks on the iPhone and other Apple products in TV commercials and other advertising, on Thursday released three videos on its YouTube channel that attack various aspects of the iPhone X. The campaign is titled "Ingenious," which is presumably some type of play on Apple's Genius Bar concept.

In the first video, titled "Notch," a customer is in an Apple Store, asking the employee, "Pat," whether the iPhone X's notch covers up a portion of the screen when watching a movie in full screen mode. The two argue over whether or not it actually does, until the employee admits "it takes time to get used to it." Then, the employee notices in horror that an entire family -- with haircuts that resemble the notch -- is standing in the store glaring at him in disapproval.

The second video, titled "Storage," focuses on mocking Apple for the iPhone X's lack of a MicroSD slot. Still in the same Apple Store, a female customer tells the beleaguered Apple employee that she can't find the MicroSD card slot. When Pat mentions that the X in fact doesn't have such a slot, the woman points out that the Galaxy S9 has one. When she asks how to get more storage, he replies "the cloud." She says "oh yea, I don't want my stuff up there."

Samsung omitted the SD card slot on the Galaxy S6. Presumably, since the company is talking about it, it will be a feature of the forthcoming Galaxy Note, and the 2019 Galaxy S flagship.

In the third video, called "Multitasking," a female customer asks Pat if she can "do the split screen," because she saw her sister doing it on the S9. Pat suggests opening up the App Store, but she cuts him off. "I want to use two apps, on the screen, at the same time. I don't want another app." When Pat tries to change the subject to complement the customer's nails, she says "thank you, they change color- they multitask too.

Split-screen multitasking is on the iPad, but not on the iPhone.

It's unclear whether Samsung will be running these videos as TV commercials, although previous versions of the campaign have done so -- including during the baseball All Star Game this month, when players were actually given Galaxy S9 phones to use in the dugout during the game as part of a sponsorship.

How effective the arguments are is another story. It doesn't appear that the advent of the notch has affected the iPhone X's popularity in any significant way, while Samsung uses bezels instead of a notch. Meanwhile, past Samsung models have gone without an SD card slot, and we had thought complaints about a lack of iPhone multitasking had gone away around the time of iOS 4.


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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 1,989member
    Desperation can make anyone to do stupid things!!!!
    SoundJudgmentanton zuykovmike1racerhomie3claire1Gabywatto_cobra
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    SoliSoli Posts: 9,189member
    These are solid ads.
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    BebeBebe Posts: 121member
    Split screen on a smartphone?  Really? LOL
    anton zuykovracerhomie3uraharatoysandmewatto_cobra
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    seankillseankill Posts: 481member
    I have to agree with the cloud statement, I use the cloud but only as a backup (although I’m going to switch back to iTunes backups soon). Terrible way to burn data to keep items in the cloud. 

    That said, with 128GB, no SD needed. 
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,356member
    When all you can do is attack it says something more about the candidate, err I mean product.
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    Good gravy, Scamdung. Get help.
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 4,642member
    This tells me Samsung does not have anything in the pipeline to take on the iPhone X. Wait did we all heard that the Android world would have something better this year.

    The problem with the Samsung ads, if you did not know better you would think the things they're pointing out were real issues. Since they do a good job at making them sounds like things you should worry about, like it's bad that Apple is able to update software to give you new features.
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    edited July 2018
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    mavemufcmavemufc Posts: 326member
    Obsessed as usual, who even cares about a SD Card now anyway? Can’t wait for the S10 to come out next year with a Notch just like all Samsung’s other flagship phones
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,275member
    Have they learned nothing from Microsoft? Maybe they hired the same ad agency. 
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    anton zuykovanton zuykov Posts: 1,039member
    Good gravy, Scamdung. Get help.
    Nothing can help them now...
    They have used up all the pixie dust they could find...
    Now, they started raging ones they realized they painted themselves into a stinky corner and they have no one else to blame.
    Turns out that blatantly copying someone does not actually work, as you can't copy the direction/vector of development, but only a future model. Without understanding of the vector of development and a future model lineup, copying the next product only gets you so far.
    edited July 2018 watto_cobra
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    kudukudu Posts: 34member
    Attack ads are about diverting attention to the lack of more robust solutions to things that matter. Samsung is reinforcing the myths that are out there about the iPhone. Good PR for iPhone though.

    Hilariously ridiculous pic of the family with notch haircuts! 😂
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    robjnrobjn Posts: 222member
    It’s amusing that Samsung sets these videos in an Apple Store. Of course Samsung has very few stores - the very fact that Apple has stores people can go to for help is a big reason to buy their stuff.
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    AloysiusAloysius Posts: 41member
    Soli said:
    These are solid ads.
    Eh, I don't think so really. At least not on attracting new customers.

    I think this whole ad campaign is great at making Samsung's customers feel better that they made the superior choice. It's preaching to the choir, so to speak.

    I have trouble thinking the average person is concerned about the notch (considering just about every phone has one now), sd card slots (it may be expandable, but a pain when you need to transfer data if you outgrow one and don't have a pc), or split screen. At least not as buzz words. 

    If these things are truly important, than show it in action and sell the benefits, not just listen a few random things the iPhone doesn't have.
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    FolioFolio Posts: 599member
    kudu said:
    Attack ads are about diverting attention to the lack of more robust solutions to things that matter. Samsung is reinforcing the myths that are out there about the iPhone. Good PR for iPhone though.

    Hilariously ridiculous pic of the family with notch haircuts! 😂
    Even SNL crew would be envious of those haircuts! And I (ruefully) gotta admit the kid's AirPods match up perfectly. I can see SamDung trying to bring this family for one of those new mock ads that SNL often does now, but I believe that sponsorship is only for self-parody.
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    FolioFolio Posts: 599member
    What grates on me about this whole series is not the jabs at the product. But their fictional onslaught against service, as if employees at 500 Apple stores are tone deaf and unresponsive.  That's harsh. I don't know how to respond to that.
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    "She says 'oh yea, I don't want my stuff up there.'"

    Samsung: Smartphones for Luddites
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    gutengelgutengel Posts: 318member
    "Oh no, they come here all the time..." I guess Samsung like their stores empty, or I at least that what they look like whenever I pass by one here in NY. Last time I went to an Apple store a Genius ended up dancing salsa with my grandma, you know, awesome stuff.
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    mcdavemcdave Posts: 1,169member
    They’re just goading Apple to innovate so they can copy.

    Is the notch a subliminal message? It gives the phone horns.
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    racerhomie3racerhomie3 Posts: 1,150member
    To the lady in the ad. Maybe use a Mac or PC to backup your stuff .
    Notch can be avoided.
    I actually love the notched haircut . Quite cute.
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