Apple held secret meeting with developers in 2017 to push app subscriptions



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    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how good/bad/ugly the OS and platform is: if it isn't financially-viable to risk developing software for it, the platform will go away into the dustbin of history as it stagnates and dies due to no commercial viability in the ecosystem, and then the process repeats on the next platform.

    Good point!

    If Apple completely eliminated up front paid apps, and only had subscriptions, I wonder if that would make all the app spammers go away, because presumably subscriptions would be bought within the app, and no one would buy once seeing they had downloaded a rip off template app. That in turn might reduce the amount of noise on the store and make good quality apps like yours more discoverable.

    But I do worry about what happened to musicians, getting paid 0.00001 cent (or whatever it is) per stream of their song, and if we are heading towards a single monthly App Store sub paid to Apple (not to devs), and then devs get 0.00001 cent for every 30 seconds their app is in use. Would that be liveable?
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