What's new in iOS 12 betas 7 & 8

in iOS edited August 2018
The eighth developer beta of iOS 12 quickly corrects some of the issues we saw in the retracted seventh beta. Now that our devices are usable again, AppleInsider takes a look at new features and improvements in the seventh and eighth betas of iOS 12.

iOS 12 beta

In our performance testing, we are seeing very smooth animations and no stuttering or perceptible frame drops at all on an iPhone X. Apple definitely seems to have squashed the bugs plaguing beta seven.

Changes include:

  • Beta 7 slowness has been resolved

  • Measure app has tweaked icon

  • New welcome screen in Messages

  • Music videos have new 16x9 album art in Music app

  • Group FaceTime has been delayed

  • iPad has new welcome screen introing new gesture

Check out what changed last time around in beta 6.

Find any other changes? Reach out to us on Twitter @AppleInsider or @Andrew_OSU.


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    Super bummed about the group FaceTime delay. Would have been great during football season for our fantasy league.
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    What is the color of iPhone X case? :smile: 
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