New report backs claims 2018 iPhones will support Apple Pencil



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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 2,073member
    I'm skeptical. I have a pencil with my iPad, which I do use. I carry it in a padded case, as it isn't a cheap device. Even though I have the thing available, I've not once thought about using it with my iPhone. I had a Palm Pilot back in the day, and don't miss the stylus one bit. The suggestion that they'd have to produce a smaller 'pencil' for carrying around with the iPhone is certainly correct, and they'd have to produce a case for keeping the two together, because there's no way they would give up real-estate inside the case to make way for one that stores in the body of the phone. I suppose as an optional add-on it could be a thing. Perhaps if they were to introduce a smaller pencil for use with the iPad and as an aside, made its so you could use it on an iPhone, too, that would be something. That still seems like a lot of under-the-hood work for an asterisk.
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    I expect they’d do a shorter Apple Pencil to match the height of the iPhone and then put out a case for it that let you slide in and either provided extra battery life or did something else to justify the extra thickness. (Or they’d just have a hump on one side.)

    either way this would totally get me to move from my SE to an XS+
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    paxmanpaxman Posts: 4,729member
    I would love a pen to use with my iPhone. Great for quick note taking in particular. A large iPhone is close to a small iPad so i don't see any negatives with this as an option. And as far as Steve hating the idea? He was a marketeer above all and he was selling the very idea of the touch screen where nothing else was needed. That still holds true but please don't hold on to anything Steve said whilst marketing a new concept. If he was around today and hated the ice personally it would not mean that it is a bad idea, just that he didn't like it. The world has changed a lot since the introduction of the iPhone.

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    MgwlMgwl Posts: 11member
    I think Apple Pencil support on iPhones would be good as an option for people who likes the phablet form factor.

    As for myself, I’d prefer the larger screen estate offered by an iPad when working/writing and to be able to keep my ”phone” on my wrist. Being able to couple the Apple Watch with an iPad, instead of having to also rely on an (shelved) iPhone, would be ideal.
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    I like the idea of the stylus + iphone for business meetings, where you could draw technical designs. I am not sure how practical this would be on a 6.5 diagonal though.
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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 2,073member
    Just dropping back in to note that this prediction was incorrect. No pencil for 2018 iPhones XS or XR. 
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