What to expect from the Apple Watch Series 4, and when it is coming



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    rwes said:
    Ready for my first Apple Watch.

    Hope it looks like render, includes improved battery and health/wellness capability. 👏
     My only complaint is that the data it produces is largely a black hole:  it goes into the Health app on the phone and gets displayed as tiny, worthless little graphs that look pretty but don't tell you much.
    There are apps that do a better job with your data. I use HeartWatch and Cardiogram.
    Yeh, I'm waiting for iCardio/DigiFit to go native on the watch.  They provide some great analysis.  I used to use it when I used a chest strap and my iPhone.  Currently it runs on the iPhone but displays on the watch -- but syncing the two is just too clunky for me.  Hopefully that problem will be worked out when it runs natively on the watch.  I think it's in beta right now.  Soon!
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    knowitall said:
    dws-2 said:
    I have an jet black iPhone 7 that I love. I'll probably update it this year, but honestly it's more because I like shiny new items than because the new ones are that much better.

    The watch is a different story. The changes each year for the watch have been pretty huge. Series 2 introduced huge increases in speed and battery life. Series 3 introduced LTE. I'm very excited to see the improvements in Series 4. I'm hoping to more battery life, bigger displays and better heart rate tracking (I doubt that my heart rate is really 54 when I'm running flat out). I'm also hoping for more speed and a better speaker.

    With watch OS 5, I think there will be a  lot more times when I'm willing to leave my phone at home. I love listening to podcasts, so this alone is huge.
    The most likely cause of an AW registering a HR of 54 during a hard run is either the strap is not fastened firmly enough or the watch is not positioned correctly.   The other possible cause, as Apple states, is interference with the light signal from dark skin or tattoos.   The only cure for the latter would be Apple switching from the light diodes to an electronic EKG mode like chest straps use.   But, in the meantime, if your problem is the latter, you can use a chest strap with the watch:   Just turn off the watch's HR light diodes and connect the watch to your chest strap.
    “Your holding it wrong”
    Nice troll...  But totally irrelevant to an intelligent discussion.
    As a matter of fact it is. But I admit it takes a little bit of thinking ...
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