Apple seeds iOS 12 beta 10 to developers as final release nears

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Apple on Thursday issued a tenth beta of iOS 12 to developers, coming just three days after it seeded beta 9.

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts at WWDC

The new code is listed as build 16A5364a, and should be available as an over-the-air update for registered developers or through Apple's developer portal. It's not yet clear what changes have been made.

Apple is likely nearing a "gold master," or final release candidate, since it rarely runs through this many developer betas for a piece of software, and the company is likely to launch iOS 12 next month ahead of new iPhones.

Apple has made iOS 12 more useful for owners of older iPhones and iPads, with performance improvements aimed at improving the experience for those devices along with newer models. Owners of iPads will also be able to use some extra gestures, and see notification grouping features borrowed from the iPhone X.

The version number for iOS 12 is now two out of step from the rest of its operating systems, as Apple released then withdrew the seventh beta, then released the eighth beta two days later as a new version, rather than as a re-issue of the seventh.

A new focus on "digital health" in iOS 12 brings with it a new Screen Time function, designed to help users monitor their app usage. To help break a user's dependency on social media and games when they should be productive, it is also possible to restrict access to time-wasting apps.

Updates of default apps, including Stocks, News, Weather, and Voice Memos are being included, while a new app, Measure, will take advantage of ARKit to measure objects in 3D space, using the rear camera. Siri Shortcuts, MeMoji, and third-party map support in CarPlay are also coming.

One notable change to Apple's announced plans is that it will not be including Group FaceTime in the final release, with a later update expected to enable the feature later this year.


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    IceCool2213IceCool2213 Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    Updating now!
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    Yeah... Its the same update for public beta testers as well.. Just carries a different Beta number, however is still the same build. 
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    Public beta 8 is out, too. 
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    Oddly enough I got a pop up (noticed it after I had updated) from Apple that said, "There is a new version of beta software out, please update."  I haven't received this before.  I wonder if it is because this is the RC for GM and they want to make sure that everyone is pounding away at it to prevent any really high profile bugs in the final iOS 12.
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    I had a little chuckle as I remembered the linked post from Monday... 😉
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    foljsfoljs Posts: 388member
    The speed tests are BS.

    This is not some speedier new hardware, so any third party benchmark code should run more or less the same as before.

    What Apple sped up is the UI drawing and some internal iOS calls. They didn't magically make some fixed benchmark program run faster...
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    I know it's "beta" version, but, all the same, the pop-up is quite annoying, especially when it pops up when you're busy on the gadget. Cheez! Apple, please do sumpin!!!
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