Apple issues AirPort Express firmware update adding support for AirPlay 2



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    My only disappointment is that it seems I can't send music from my HomePod to the AirPort Expresses. It's great that I can choose multiple outputs from my iPad/iPhone that now include the AEs, but I rarely stream from my phone or iPad.  Typically I'm just asking HomePod to play music OR I'm setting up a long playlist in iTunes on my Mac, which could already send music to the HomePod and AEs.
    Mmmm..... I've found that I can use the control panel on my iPhone to select the HomePod, then once I'm in the Music app, with the HomePod now playing panel on full screen, I can open the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the panel and select/deselect the speaker connected to the AirPort Express with no problem.

    (I've never tried to use Siri on the HomePod to do this, as I listen to a lot of classical albums, and Siri just can't cope with classical album titles let alone the titles of individual classical tracks. Using the iPhone as a HomePod controller works well, though, although it's more complex than it should be to make sure that you're airplaying from the HomePod, and not from the iPhone.)
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    sflocal said:
    It breaks my heart that Apple discontinued their Airport products.  They are by far the best built, most reliable units I've ever owned.  Sure, others like DLink, NetGer, Linksys, etc.. may have more features for tech-savvy people, but their quality is crap, are unstable, and always require a restart.

    What a shame.
    Yep, I've deployed hundreds of Airport units over the years and rarely had problems with them. I've moved over to Ubiquiti now (after trying different mesh hardware - Google Wifi / TP-Link / Orbi) and they seem pretty good, but such a pain to configure vs the Airports. (Google WiFi was good, but had a few outages that really annoyed me. TP-Link was painful and I wouldn't recommend. Netgear is expensive).
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