Lenovo dives into smarthome gear with new HomeKit-ready accessories, Lenovo Link for iOS

in iPhone edited August 2018
Following up on the launch of the Smart Display, Lenovo has announced its first trio of Smart Home Essentials accessories, as well as a remote control app for iOS and Android, Lenovo Link.

Lenovo Smart Display and Smart Bulb

The Smart Plug includes its own surge protection, and is notably designed to avoid blocking nearby outlets even when plugged into a power strip. Little is known about the Smart Bulb, though it is rated at 9 watts and functions without a hub.

The third accessory, the Smart Camera, can pan both vertically and horizontally, covering 120 degrees and 355 degrees respectively. It also sports 1080p resolution, motion detection, intercom functions, and night vision up to 20 meters (65.6 feet).

Lenovo Smart Camera

Lenovo Link -- still largely under wraps -- will let people control "all your compatible smart devices" through a single app, including automations and grouping.

Lenovo Smart Plug and Lenovo Link

Voice control options for the Essentials products will include Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Additionally, AppleInsider has been told by a Lenovo spokesperson that the devices are all HomeKit-compatible without add-on bridging hardware.

The Smart Plug and Smart Bulb will both ship in November, and cost $29.99 each. The Smart Camera should ship sometime in early 2019 for $99.99.

The recently-launched Lenovo Smart Display was the first smartspeaker based on Google's Smart Display platform. The device enhances Google Assistant with video, visual feedback, and some touch control.
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