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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor and William talk through the latest news about the naming of the rumored iPhone Xs Max, a higher resolution Apple watch, and Eddy Cue's alleged falling asleep on the job.

Eddy Cue
Eddy Cue, karaoke extraordinaire

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:

  • New iPhones coming soon! And amazingly, the pricing for them seems to be the same as last year's lineup. William is excited by the notion that the larger screen model could be priced the same as last year's iPhone X model, which represents a savings.
  • The names of the rumored iPhones are beginning to creep out. iPhone Xs appears to be the name, with the name Max taking the place of Plus. How'd that work out for Google? Doesn't matter much, but Victor can definitely see Phil doing the announcement.
  • The Apple Watch might use a higher resolution display. William thinks you use it to pack more in, and takes issue with the alleged leaked screen and some of the complications on it.
  • Apple's content VP's appear to have gone shopping at the Toronto International Film Festival. This is an excellent festival to sign content deals at, but we're still speculating a little on how Apple will distribute what it buys.
  • Allegedly, Eddy Cue has fallen asleep in at least two meetings and treated Siri performance as a boring item. In light of last week's episode where we learned a bit about how Apple works, this is kind of a big deal. William is concerned for Cue's health.
  • Evernote could be in trouble, having lost both CTO and CFO in recent days -- and looking for funding at the same time. William talks about his attempts to export his data out.
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    lmaclmac Posts: 205member
    Great I guess. But I can't afford a $1000+ phone that will be a dog in two years, if I don't drop it or get it wet first. But hey, weren't we promised new Macs this year? Clock's ticking.
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