Epic says fix coming for Fortnite's poor performance on iPhone & iPad

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Epic Games is working to rush out a patch for Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world, following a barrage of complaints that the iOS version of the game has become unplayable.

Fortnite Ace Pack

The app is in a "rough state" following its most recent update, an Epic representative admitted on Friday. Problems have already been solved, and the developer is looking at getting a follow-up patch out "as soon as possible." More news is promised on the exact timing of its release.

In the wake of the last update, many iOS players have complained about issues like severe lag and badly-rendered graphics. The company has already patched similar bugs on Windows, Mac, and Android versions of the game.

It's not certain what could be causing a delay, but the iOS App Store has a more stringent review process than most online stores, meaning that it can sometimes take days for software to go live. Apple is likely to speed up approval for Fortnite given its considerable popularity.

Originally launched last year, Fortnite has become a runaway hit as a more family-friendly take on the "battle royale" genre kicked off by "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," with extra twists like building structures on the fly.

The game has generated vast sums of money for Epic and vendors like Apple, amassing $100 million in the first 90 days of the iOS port alone. Still more cash is being generated by real-world events and people streaming gameplay live on YouTube and Twitch.


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    Too late for that. 
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    Anthem looks really good. Xbox. 
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    Too late for that. 
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    Too late for that. 
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