Comparing Apple's HomePod versus the Fluance Fi70 speaker



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    chasm said:
    Let's review:

    The Fluance seems like a fine product that is hideously fugly without a mask on, and impractically ginormous for most people/rooms. Its primary speaker strength comes when you crank it up so loud the police (and hearing-aid salespeople) will be paying you a visit. It is unable to have as much stereo separation as a pair of HomePods, and once you add $50-$100 to the price in order to gain "smart" abilities, the total price is roughly in the two-HomePod ballpark. It doesn't have Siri, but you can add Google's spyware or Amazon's spyware, which offers a more intelligent assistant at the cost of privacy and security. It's not portable, takes up a lot of room, dominates the room visually, and probably scares away anyone not totally into your taste in music. On the plus side, if you live far away from anyone else who would be annoyed by the volume, you can rock a hell of a party with this thing.

    Do I have that basically right?
    Pretty much. 
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,092member
    If you're going to have two 'home stereo' type speakers anyway.... why on earth bolt them together into one huge package?
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    Feeling the bass is one thing, but the HomePod does have incredible bass for its size. I have a pair in my living room and they beautifully blend in with the furniture when not in use, but can turn it into a little dance studio when we crank them up. No extra source equipment, no privacy intruding Alexa, and good stereo separation. Apple Music is better and Airplay 2 means music can be synced throughout my house with the other 3 units (I know I splurged - they're cheaper ~$270 on eBay though).
    Bingo. My HomePods are unitrusive when not being used, can help control my smart lights, AND I can rock out (ok let’s be real, it’s mostly Kidz Bop at this point in my life) or crank up the movie sound (until the wife yells to turn it down). 

    HomePods are for people who want better than average sound in an elegant package. I would never buy a big ol’ speaker system, and didn’t have external speakers before the HomePods. 
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