Apple to ship iOS 12 on Sept. 17

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Apple on Wednesday announced that the latest edition of iOS, iOS 12, is set to arrive Sept. 17.

Phil Schiller and iOS 12

Apple's Phil Schiller announced Wednesday at Apple's "Gather Round" event in Cupertino that iOS 12 will be available to download on Sept. 17. The announcement came after Tim Cook announced that Apple will soon ship its 2 billionth iOS device.

The new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR will ship with iOS 12, and it will be available to download on that date. iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Apple announced, will be available for pre-order beginning September 14 and in stores beginning Friday, September 21, while the iPhone XR will be available for pre-order October 19 and in stores October 26.

New features on iOS 12, which was introduced at WWDC in June, include Siri Shortcuts, Life Balance and Screen Time, Animojis, updated group notifications, and other new features.

Group FaceTime, which was announced in June, will not be available at launch, due to delays.

See AppleInsider's video with the highlights of iOS 12:

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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,050member
    Told ya...Xr ain’t below $700.
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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,004member
    Still has bugs, including on this app.
    I have to tap the Bold button to get the keyboard to launch on the AI app while running the Public Beta
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    So Apple gets on a run today about sustainability, and how they want to make products that last as long as possible, and yet churn the iOS every year...?

    To such credit I have a wonderful iPhone 4s that I prefer from a design standpoint over the 5s I 'upgraded' to, and for $25 I ordered a new battery kit from iFixit which literally took about 7 minutes to replace - good to go ?

    Increasingly apps seem no longer supported - how does this tie in to a philosophy of sustainability ?

    Additionally the cheapest iPhone available north of 44 is now $629, and the cheapest new model over $1k...? Apple does however now offer at additional cost loss insurance... Hmmm...

    edited September 2018
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    Can’t wait to download this today!
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