Moment ships MFi-approved battery case for iPhone X & iPhone XS

in iPhone edited September 2018
Moment has finally started shipping their MFi-approved battery case for the iPhone X, an accessory that also works with the new iPhone XS.

Moment Case

After debuting as a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, lens-maker Moment is starting to fulfill battery cases orders. This is the first MFi battery case for the iPhone X/XS.

A notable highlight of the case includes a built-in Lightning port to charge the phone -- and the battery case -- over Apple's Lightning cable, and not micro USB as is so often seen.

Moment clearly created the case with the photographer in mind, as it sports a two-stage shutter button for snapping pics. Like a DSLR, pressing the button halfway will focus the photo, while a full press takes the picture. There is also an anchor point to attach a neck or wrist strap for additional safety.

Moment Case

Inside the case is a 3,100mAh battery capable of delivering additional power to your phone while on the go. Wireless charging is an option on the iPhone X/XS version of the battery case, which can be placed on any Qi charging pad to charge up the phone and case simultaneously.

Moment Case

Lastly, the case brings support for Moment's excellent lineup of lenses -- wide, telephoto, macro, superfish, and the upcoming Anamorphic. All of these lenses are best-in-class with crystal clear optics and glass/metal construction.

To pick up the case for your iPhone X or XS, head over to Moment's website where they are available for $99. Moment says updated versions capable of supporting the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max should arrive around November.


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    mike1mike1 Posts: 1,848member
    Very nice. Maybe not for everyday use, but I would pick this up with some lenses for an extended vacation.
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    roakeroake Posts: 624member
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    Wish Apple would expand the one and only battery case line  they made for the iPhone 7.  Mine has worked flawlessly for two years.
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