Kano launches new educational DIY computer kit with 10.1-inch touchscreen

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Kano on Thursday took the wraps off its latest DIY set, the Computer Kit Touch. It allows you to build your own portable touchscreen computer that can be used to make apps, art, games, music or practice programming.

Kano Computer Kit Touch

The kit comes disassembled, with part of the fun being assembling the machine yourself. After following along with instructions and attaching wires, the touchscreen, a Raspbery Pi unit and keyboard, you are able to run Kano OS, a unique operating system that guides children through stories while designing a variety of different media.

"Your first experience with computing and code should be simple, playful, and powerful," said Alex Klein, co-Founder and CEO of Kano.

Kano Computer Kit Touch

Kano OS aims to make it easy -- and fun -- to learn how to code. There are different tutorials and challenges to make it through as the user progresses. It supports both JavaScript and Python with simple block-based coding editors. There is even a challenge to "hack Minecraft."

Kano Computer Kit Touch

The assembled computer features a 10.1-inch touchscreen, a wireless keyboard with trackpad, a Raspberry Pi at the core, USB ports, a sound sensor, a three hour battery, and 16GB of storage. The latest version of Kano OS comes pre-installed and includes popular apps such as YouTube.

The Kano Computer Kit Touch is available now for preorder running $279.99 on Amazon with shipping starting October 1st.


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    This has literally nothing to do with Apple. Why was this posted here? Please don’t become one of those sites that just regurgitates every press release you’re sent.
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    I bought the earlier kits, unfortunately it was basically a 1st gen RPi and the performance was just so slow.  The documentation on it was really weak.  The hardware is easy to put together but the software install was super slow I could've installed Windows 10 or macOS twice before the package was complete.

    I ended up building a separate RPi gen 3 box for the kids to play with but they are already spoiled by iPad.
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