Compare the iPhone XS and iPhone XR versus the size of other iPhones with this printable g...



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    Tip: my printout was about ¼" shy of 'actual size.' I used a 103% scale & got exact-size printout. Assume this may vary with your machine & your printer, but verify your printout against a tape measure/ruler to be sure.
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    jccjcc Posts: 220member
    DAalseth said:
    For all that huge screen on the iPhone X, the case isn't truly that much bigger than that of the iPhone SE.
    A point that bears repeating. I bought my SE for the small size. A small screen was just a consequence of that small size. I'm very pleased with them increasing the screen size by eliminating the chin and forehead. I can't wait to hold an XS in my hand to see how it feels.
    It's going to feel like someone shoved a phablet in your hand. The X or Xs is actually much bigger than a 6, 7, 8 (they're the same size). So, the fact that you didn't buy one of those when the SE was released means that you will hate a X or Xs.
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    bb-15 said:
    Here is a website which can do side by side phone size comparisons.

    This article was a good idea, and the document is appreciated (thanks Mike), but the phonearena link/page is a really great find.  I really like the ability to dynamically overlay all the sizes, really helpful.  Thanks for posting it!

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    Apple has done well to make a line of phones that aren't usable by women.  In fact Apple are been rightly lambasted from everywhere for their sexist phone.  Cancelling the SE really shows how they care about customers.
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