Apple's online store down ahead of iPhone XS, iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 4 preorders...



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    fallenjt said:
    Going to get the Max and hope it doesn’t feel as terribly big as the 6plus did when I tried and returned at launch. They say it doesn’t 🤷🏼‍♂️ Upgrading from iwatchO to the 4 cell and stainless too.
    Dude, XS Max and 6+ have virtually the same dimensions. Apple people don’t call iwatch...damn it’s been 4 years!
    Dude, reviews say “feels.”
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,090member
    T-Mobile started early so I was done on Thursday the 13th at 11:56PM or so Pacific Time.  Being in Mountain Time, it was 12:56AM on the 14th...

    It was easy-peasy, compared to using T-Mobile's website last year to get my wife her X.  That took over an hour of crashing and hanging and no-pre-orders available website shenanigans before I was able to order.   This year I was done early!

    Previous to last year I was on AT&T and used the Apple website for most upgrades and it was always easy (at least the last few I did -- not the early years).  I was not looking forward to tonight on the T-Mobile website, but it was easy.   To get the cost added as a monthly to your normal bill on T-Mobile you have to go through them, not Apple (unlike AT&T).

    XS Max 256GB Gold.  I thought about the 512GB, but my 7 Plus is 256GB and only half full.
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