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The AppleInsider Podcast examines the details behind the releases of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4: what Apple didn't tell us and how you can choose between the models.

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:
  • How exactly the price of iPhones has risen since the very first one -- and how Apple has tricked us into regarding the iPhone XR as the cheap model.
  • Speaking of the iPhone XR, they examine the real differences between it and the XS model. Where exactly the camera system is the same and what you lose having only a single lens. Plus how the screen is not only poorer than the OLED ones in its rivals but comes with broad bezels that make the phone wider.
  • How we shouldn't have been surprised that Apple completely dropped last year's iPhone X instead of just reducing the cost. They've got form on this.
  • How the dual SIM and eSIM will be a boon to travelers and there's also a feature Apple didn't mention: the way that the new iPhones have NFC capability which means you won't have to launch an app to open hotel doors, for instance.
  • And comparing Apple Watch Series 4 to its predecessors: this is a huge step forward for the watch.
Victor and William also look at how Apple seems to have made choosing the right iPhone for you much more difficult this year with similar features and widely different price points.

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    I'm pretty sure that "similar features" and widely divergent prices makes decision making easier rather than harder.
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    I'm pretty sure that "similar features" and widely divergent prices makes decision making easier rather than harder.
    You say that, but fear of missing out on dual cameras, or the better display make it a little more difficult. I think the XS 256 is going to be the most popular model, followed by the XR, rather than the reverse.

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    When the X came out, it instantly dated the 'chinned' iPhone 8.

    I thought it was brilliant of Apple to introduce the XR with the same form factor as the X with FaceID, sans a few features, OLED screen, two cameras, etc.

    It also tells me the future is large phones. (I might be stating the obvious here.) :)

    There seemed to be so much emphasis on the cameras. Which are quite impressive.

    They've streamlined the iPhone line to basically three iPhones, XR, and two X's. Brilliant.  Much like they've done with the iPad line.

    The old form factor of the 7's and 8's will eventually drop off.

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    A lot of dwelling on the price. The iPhone X proved the price was fine.  I mean, every year people go on and on about the price and consumers decide with their wallet. Phone, camera, video recorder, TV, computer, wallet, GPS, video gaming etc etc, in a pocket sized, secure package.  Comparing cost across past iPhones models need the context of inflation so we can compare apples to apples. 

    The price narrative needs to be put to bed. 
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