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    rattlhed said:
    I think we all wish the watch had a 2-3 day battery life
    Mine does.

    Like you, I even wear it to sleep but my reason is so I can  monitor my sleep habits via a Watch app that uploads in the morning after I take it out of Airplane Mode. I don't usually need alarms since I'm usually up by 4–5am everyday regardless and any places I have to be are always later in the day, except for the occasional early flight in which the Watch is great for a personal alarm. I only wish the standing hour vibrations were more powerful as I often miss those if I'm engaged in something.

    While I can get over 2 days I rarely have to take that risk since I charge it while performing my daily ablutions. That is more than enough time for me to charge, although I usually shower twice a day so that does double the time compared to most people.

    Perhaps you find this disagreeable, but if you disable Raise to Wake during the day you get considerably more battery life.
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