Apple's iOS 12 is here, adding improved performance, Life Balance features, Memoji, Augmen...



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    New feature to move / position the cursor 

    iOS 12 now offers the fantastic feature to freely move the cursor around by just holding the space bar for a short moment. Then you can position the cursor wherever you want. This feature was until now available only on 3Dtouch capable devices by pressing somewhere on the keyboard. Now it works for all devices with iOS 12 even without 3DTouch. 
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    Love the iOS 12 already.  Just downloaded the Shortcuts app that makes Siri much more useful...
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     Just a quick question for anyone who has already played around with this new photos app. I’m just wondering if they somehow added back a way to hide photos from the camera roll?   

    As much as I do enjoy the photos app this has been one of the biggest issues for me in the past couple years since they changed this. Previously the hide funtion would hide a photo from the camera roll but would still leave it in your albums that you created. Now the hide function completely hides the photo from everywhere. 

    I get the logic of this but I still miss the ability to hide a pic from my camera roll so I can organize everything in albums and only have left in the camera roll the few pictures that haven’t been put in albums or won’t be kept very long. I just find that I use the Photos app so much less now that the camera roll has to have every single photo I’ve ever taken to scroll through. It has, in my mind, become so much harder to organize my photos within this app. 

     Any insight into whether this has been brought back as a feature or perhaps there is a workaround that I don’t know about?  I feel like they did this to push people into using their moments feature. Moments is visually very pleasing but I just don’t find it a great way to organize photos.  Back in the days of having big boxes of photos, the whole point of organizing them into albums was so that the only thing left was the ones you hadn’t  organized yet or probably weren’t going to keep. Why would it be any different with the Photos app? 
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